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NexGen Education & Services Pvt. Ltd., Gen on knowledge economy. A Unique Multidisciplinary Approach, drawn from cross - industry experience.
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Planet EDU is a major associate of NexGen Education & Services Test Centre for, IDP: IELTS Australia to administer and manage the IELTS test in India & Nepal. IELTS is the international English Language System, which is jointly owned by The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge. IELTS measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking. IELTS is one of the fastest growing English language tests in the world, and sets the standard in integrity, research and innovation. www.planeteduindia.com, www.ieltsindia.com
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), is a member of the Australia Technology Network (ATN) which consists of five universities producing industry ready, highly employable graduates, is a major associate of NexGen Education & Services Pvt. Ltd., UTS provide excellence in teaching and course delivery with tie- ups with educational institutes across the globe. www.uts.edu.au
INSEARCH (UTS) an important associate of NexGen Education & Services who provide IELTS study material published by us in India, is an entity controlled by UTS which delivers over 1000 students directly to UTS degree courses annually. Its academic courses are taught by UTS teaching staff under approval by UTS academic board. INSEARCH UTS is reputed for its excellence in quality teaching, small class size, academic counseling, friendly home stay, etc. Courses leading to University degree besides English Language course to prepare students for IELTS. www.insearch.edu.au
Australian Network (formerly ABC Asia Pacific) broadcasts news, views, current affairs, drama, documentaries and English learning programmes to 41 countries of Asia Pacific region, the Study English television Programme is designed to help students prepare for IELTS. Study English in form of Book with DVDs is developed by Australian Network & INSEARCH and is published by NexGen Education & Services in India. www.australianetwork.com.au
Scott's English Success (SES) the website Based IELTS preparation course, launched with specific aim of servicing ever growing demand of IELTS candidates in over 110 countries all around the globe, is the most popular online IELTS preparation course of its kind. NexGen Education & Services Pvt. Ltd. is associated as Master Distributors with Mascot Corporation Pty Ltd. Queensland, Australia, who are focused on delivering high quality academic educational material using the rich on line capabilities of internet through 'SES'. www.scottsenglish.com
NexGen is closely associated with Edexcel examinations. Edexcel is the U.K. largest academic and vocational qualification awarding body. Prestigious Edexcel programmes propate students for academic and professional success. It's IGCSC and GEC which are equivalent to 10+2 and 10th std. in India recognised world over in more than 110 countries are flexibly examination and cover wide and widest range of subjects. www.edexcel.com
Ashmar Technology & Research Pvt Ltd helps you in the Design, Development, Protection and Marketing of your Ideas, Inventions or Intellectual Property. We support organizations in creating a strategy for their intellectual assets, and highly trained scientists and technologists to provide critical inputs in patents prosecutions including claims drafting’s. Ashmar is promoted by persons with direct experience in the fields of patents and law, and they are supported by a team of internationally reputed patent attorneys and academics. www.ashmar.in
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